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Introduction to sugar analysis application. This work was performed on a Waters Alliance HPLC System consisting of a 2690 Separations Module, 2410 Differential Refractive Index Detector, and Analysis of Mono/DiSaccharides. Waters Carbohydrate Analysis Column. Five Chromatogram. If the level of vibration at 1x RPM of a rotor is measured at .6 in/sec at 1800 CPM and that.

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Imbalance. Imbalance occurs when the centre of mass differs from the centre of rotation. This creates a centrifugal force, leading to high vibration amplitudes at frequencies equal to 1xRPM (1x rotational speed) in spectral data, with a sinusoidal waveform in the time domain. On rigidly mounted machines, amplitudes will typically be highest in.

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In vibration analysis, sidebands are generated in many cases by the following types of issues: Bearing related issues; ... 1x rpm (modulating frequency) around the bearing tones (center frequency). If as an illustration, there is a defect on the inner raceway (identified by the presence of Ball Pass Frequency Inner race - BPFI), this defect.

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